Friday, August 21, 2009

Mets Power Outage in Perspective

The Mets individual leader in home runs, Gary Sheffield, has 10 dingers. To add to the shame of having a 40 year old bench player lead your team in homers, here is a short list of some players who have more.

  1. Jason Giambi - Yes, that Jason Giambi, and he hit 11 in just 269 ABs. Granted he hit .193 in that time, but he still displays more power than Flushing has seen this season.
  2. Travis Hafner - The former slugger has fallen out of favor in Cleveland due to his slow bat and inability to play a single defensive position, but even he managed 11 homers in 234 ABs.
  3. Garrett Jones - The 28 year old Pirates rookie has been impressive, slugging 13 jacks in only 164 ABs. Over the long term he won't be any better than the flotsam the Mets have called upon this season, but heck, at least he's got something going for him.
  4. Albert Pujols - Ok, this one is a given, but I bet you didn't realize Big Al hit his 10th home run on May 5th. That one stings.
  5. Franklin Gutierrez - The Mets essentially traded Joe Smith to the Tribe for Gutierrez in the 3-way deal that brought J.J. Putz to New York. Considering the way this season has shaped up, it would be really nice to have Gutierrez and his 15 big flies right now.
  6. J.J. Hardy - The Brewers shipped the Shortstop back to AAA because of his poor play, but I'd bet dollars to doughnuts the Mets would kill to have Hardy's 11 home runs in the lineup right now. On the bright side, he can likely be had for cheap come this offseason, in case Omar decides to make some more knee-slappers for guys who were good 3 years ago.

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